About Kim and Her Music

Kim Davis has been playing guitar for years. She started as a little girl, and then stopped and started until she found that she could REALLY learn to play through the music department at Sam Houston State University. There, she spent 3 years studying classical guitar with Jan Cole. Then she wandered off and did other things for about 30 years!

Today, Kim is once again playing guitar with Jan Cole, and she's really proud of the fact that one of her children is now studying with Jan.

Lately I'm loving the mandolin. I had a beautiful little antique one that hung on my wall for years, but now it's singing again...Kim has added electric guitar, mandolin, 5-string banjo, bass guitar, and ukelele to her list of instruments, and Jan calls upon her to play these as well as recorder and several types of drums on forays into historical music. Lately they've been playing a lot of patriotic music from the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. (They are available to play for events... Just ask!)


Kim is more of an organizer than a music teacher, but if you want lessons, she'll be happy to facilitate. For the present, this website is meant to serve as an example to music teachers who wish to establish websites themselves.


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